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About us
Weifang yidaneng Power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is located in known as "Chinese power city" said the Shandong city of Weifang Province, is mainly engaged in land power generation units and the automation of pump unit development and diesel, gas turbine operation. The company's diesel generating units and automatic water pump products from 12KW to 1000KW. Selection of Cummings, and other well-known brands, the 135 series of Deutz Diesel Engine and Standford, marathon and other national or joint venture brands imported generator production. Product structure, reasonable design, advanced technology, low noise, vibration small, start fast, reliable performance, can be widely used in factories, hospitals, banks, post and telecommunications, shipbuilding, petroleum exploitation, high-rise buildings, construction field and other fields, as the common or standby power station. Land units through the ISO9001 quality system certification. Gas generator can be provided from the 10kW to the 500kW unit. The fuel is natural gas, associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas, such as biogas, the machine starts quickly, convenient operation, complete protection system, can be used as indicators of advanced, oil and animal husbandry enterprises move

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Weifang Yidanneg Power Co.,Ltd

Contact: Zhang Guanghui

Mobile: 13375366086

Free hotline :400 -635-1636

Tel:0536 -8502767

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Factory Address: Weifang City, Shandong Province Economic

and Technological Development Zone, Binhai Industrial

Park Hailin advanced manufacturing Chang Hai Road

and Main Street Interchange

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